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Our Team


Managing Partner

Paul LeBlanc has spent the past 15 years raising funds for focused investment opportunities in the real estate and private equity arena. From 1983-2006, Paul was a principal in the Institutional Fixed Income division of Morgan Stanley, where he was a leading salesperson transacting in a variety of products including high yield and mortgage backed securities. Paul began his career at Manufacturers Hanover Trust after earning his BA in Business Administration from North Carolina State University.


Managing Partner

Steve is an experienced entrepreneur and operating executive in complex regulated industries. Founder, President & CEO, CitationAir, a large, international operator of business jets - sold to Cessna/Textron. Founder, President & CEO, National Healthcare Resources, a medical cost containment company - sold to Welsh, Carson, Anderson and Stowe. Chairman & interim CEO, Foundation Partners Group, a deathcare rollup owned by Sterling Partners. O'Neill began career on Wall Street as a banker/salesperson at Salomon Brothers.



Ernie has meaningful and relevant experience in the cannabis industry. He founded his first cannabis retail venture in 2009, and has since been a leader at the forefront of cannabis policy and business development. Ernie is frequently awarded first registrations of extraction and manufacturing applicants inside San Jose, CA. He is well known for his savvy in executing first to market initiatives with successful exits inside each cannabis sector (Cultivation, Manufacturing, Retail).


Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Lindsey specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. He currently serves as the EAP Director for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Team Psychiatrist for the Arizona Cardinals, Psychiatric Medical Director for Ascend Telehealth and Attending Psychiatrist at Banner Behavioral Health. He has been actively involved in the development of cannabis and CBD formulations for medical use.


Chief Clinical Director

Dr. Woods is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist in Texas. He has been involved in several platforms and entrepreneurial groups over the past 5 years. His business acumen and accomplishments demonstrate superior skills for identifying and developing untapped market niches in numerous, diverse industries. Dr. Woods received his doctorate from University of Illinois College of Medicine-Peoria. He has been actively involved in the development of cannabis and CBD formulations for medical use.


Chief Financial Officer

Peter Resnik brings broad experience in strategy, finance and operations as an executive and consultant in launching new businesses and revamping mature businesses. He has held internal consulting and senior management roles in health & wellness facilities and services, including at Humana, and in medical devices. Earlier in the financial services industry, he led corporate development, capital management and Wall Street relations, including a growing insurance company progressing to a NYSE IPO from private equity and syndicated debt.


Chief Technical Officer

Rich Hempel has over 30 years of IT industry experience as an entrepreneur and in corporate development, including 9 years of business development and staff marketing with IBM and 4 years of sales management with Caremark and US Surgical. He was a founding member and senior executive of AF Kelly, an IT software and services firm in Greater Cincinnati, which he helped lead from start-up to $19 million in revenue within 4 years. He currently serves on numerous Boards and as Chair of the Transylvania University Board of Regents. Rich has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Transylvania University and has completed professional education programs from Harvard University and Babson College.